To Request Prayer

Persons added to the prayer list will remain for four weeks, after which you may resubmit if desired.

When You Pray, Remember . . . 


Our Members:
Caroline Bates Warren, Judy Foster, Charles Schilling, Elouise Lee, Lamar Murrell, Wayne Starnes, Renan & Jane Richmond, Jennie Ford, Norma Krapac, Bettye Covington, Carl Ray, Jack Dumas, Faye Price, Nancy Felder, Martha Lamkin, Bobbie Kenna, Hannah Nieman, Helen Elise McMillan, Cindy Quayle.

Our Friends:
Rev. Larry Carter, Reese Norman, Abbey Norman, Sharma D. Lewis (Our New Bishop), Madeline Strahan, Dawn Sumrall, Gail Hampton, Landon Stamps, Bowdre McDowell, Bob Hemeter, Theresa Mullins, Tommie Lou Grenn, Steve & Kathy Jones, Rodney Thomas, Beverly Carr, Catherine Grenn Wilfong,  Emily Mote.