To Request Prayer

Persons added to the prayer list will remain for four weeks, after which you may resubmit if desired.

When You Pray, Remember . . . 


Our Members:
Judy Foster, The Family of Sam Page Jr., Wayne Starnes, Anitra Williamson, Elouise Lee, Jack Dumas, Faye Price, Lyn Parrish, Hannah Nieman, Norma Krapac, Jane Richmond  

Our Friends:
Margaret Parsons, Jimmy King, Jennings Reid, Emmie Knight, The Family of Lynn Cantrell Gueraant, Milton Hughes, Suzi & John Drummond, Susan Gibbes, Patsy Brooking, Alice Rein, Jack Covington Jr., Robert McKeever, Becky Fortenberry, Emily Mote, Dawn Sumrall.