What is In-Boarding?
It’s a question-and-answer session basically. Your chance to ask any question you want – and get a clear and concise answer (We hope).

What kind of question can you ask?
Anything you want to know. A bible question, a theology question, a question about Methodism or denominational politics, a question about our Church, our worship, our finances – there is nothing off limits.

Your Church is committed: to speak the truth in love, to be authentic, genuine, and real; and to be transparent in our decision making. And we really, really love to answer questions (especially about the bible, but about other stuff too).

Submitting your question in advance is appreciated but not required – and will improve your chance of getting a non-rambling answer — just email it to one of us or to Valori — Dr Speegle, Christopher Hart, Connie Felter, Kevin Martin, and others will be on hand, and we hope to see you there.


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