Centenary and COVID-19

Ten Things You Should Do If You Plan to Worship Live and In Person

  1. Take your temperature — If you have a temp of 100 or more; If you have any shortness of breath; If you feel unwell – DO NOT ATTEND – but call you doctor, or go to the Emergency Room
  2. Wash your hands — for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
  3. Bring a sweater or jacket — It may be cool in the sanctuary as we will be using the air conditioner constantly to increase the flow of fresh air into the worship space
  4. Wear a mask and remember to sing and speak softly
  5. Bring your smart device if you want to use it as a worship aid (orders of worship will be available) — Be sure to download the order of worship and to silence your device
  6. Sanitize your hands at the door
  7. Use non-contact greetings, refrain from handshaking, hugging, or touching
  8. Maintain proper distancing
  9.  Exit carefully and in order, taking your bulletin with you and maintaining distance
  10.  If you become symptomatic please let us know immediately —  Call Connie (601-248-1756) or Chris (601-810-5030) or leave a message at the Church (601-684-6698) —  We will not publicize your name; but this will allow us to notify others who may have been in close proximity so they can more attentively monitor their own health

How Things Will Be Different Sunday

  1. We have implemented cleaning and disinfection practices in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  2. We intend to stay well under 50% capacity in the worship space (our maximum is 75 persons – an overflow room in the Fellowship Hall will be available if needed)
  3. Three services will help us maintain safe spaces: 9:00 am; 10:30 am; and Live Online at 10:30 am
  4. We have implemented a plan to ensure a flow of fresh air into the worship space — the air will run constantly, so if you sit near a vent it may be cold, bring a sweater or light jacket.
  5. We will follow physical distancing guidelines; no handshaking or hugging, sitting 6 feet apart, wearing a mask, singing softly, etc.
  6. We will dismiss sequentially (last row first, and so on, so that we do not form a crowd at the exits)
  7. Vulnerable persons, those who are symptomatic or have a fever, those who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive in the last two weeks, or have travelled to a hot spot in the last two weeks are encouraged to worship ONLINE ONLY.
  8. Please make the best decision you can concerning your own health and safety – it’s OK to stay home and participate online if you are not yet ready to return.